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Why Do I Really feel Hungry All The Time?: HealthifyMe

The feeling of starvation is a pure sign out of your physique indicating the necessity for meals. Whereas most individuals can comfortably go a number of hours between meals with out feeling hungry, exceptions exist. At occasions, starvation might strike even when there isn’t any precise want for meals or energy. In such cases, components resembling an insufficient eating regimen, particular life-style habits, or drugs can contribute to an unchecked improve in urge for food. Nonetheless, leptin resistance usually emerges as a key causative issue.

Leptin, an important hormone for urge for food regulation, conveys emotions of satiety to the mind. Nonetheless, resistance to its results can disrupt this sign, inflicting hormonal imbalance and chronic emotions of starvation. The frequency of starvation additionally is determined by the forms of meals you eat, their affect on blood sugar, and the speed at which your physique metabolises them.

The Position of Leptin and Ghrelin in Starvation

Leptin, usually referred to as the “satiety hormone” or the “hunger hormone,” is essential in urge for food and power regulation. Produced by your physique’s fats cells, leptin travels by way of the bloodstream to the hypothalamus, the mind’s management centre for consuming patterns. Excessive leptin ranges signify ample fats shops, prompting the hypothalamus to suppress urge for food. It creates a way of fullness and diminishes the urge to eat.

Ghrelin, also referred to as the “starvation hormone” or Lenomorelin, is produced within the intestine and primarily capabilities to stimulate urge for food. It encourages elevated meals consumption, calorie consumption, and fats storage. Increased ghrelin ranges lead to elevated starvation, whereas decrease ranges promote a sense of fullness.

As you eat meals and accumulate extra physique fats, leptin ranges rise, signalling a way of satiety. Conversely, during times of fasting or lowered fats shops, leptin ranges lower, and ghrelin ranges rise, indicating the necessity to eat and replenish power reserves. This counteraction between leptin and ghrelin helps the physique handle urge for food and preserve power steadiness.


Leptin and ghrelin work collectively for urge for food regulation and power steadiness. Leptin, produced by fats cells, indicators fullness and satisfaction as physique fats will increase, selling lowered urge for food. Alternatively, ghrelin stimulates starvation earlier than meals, signalling low power reserves and the necessity to eat. This interaction helps the physique preserve a steadiness between starvation and satiety, making certain correct power regulation.

Leptin Resistance and Starvation

Persistent starvation may very well be a results of leptin resistance, which is a hormonal imbalance. Leptin resistance interferes with the communication between fats cells and the mind. Often, excessive leptin ranges point out to the mind that enough power is saved, signalling a pure discount within the urge to eat. Nonetheless, in leptin resistance, the mind turns into much less responsive or fails to recognise this signalling course of. Because of this, regardless of excessive leptin ranges within the physique, the mind might not acknowledge them, resulting in ongoing emotions of starvation.

When your mind fails to obtain the leptin sign, it interprets it as in case your physique is in a state of hunger regardless of having ample power saved. In response, your mind might alter your consuming behaviour to regain physique fats, resulting in elevated starvation or a discount in power ranges to burn fewer energy at relaxation.


Leptin resistance, a hormonal imbalance, disrupts communication between fats cells and the mind, affecting starvation indicators. Excessive leptin ranges usually point out enough power storage, lowering the urge to eat. Nonetheless, in resistance, the mind turns into much less responsive, inflicting ongoing starvation regardless of excessive leptin ranges. This lack of signalling might immediate altered consuming behaviours, with the mind deciphering the physique as starved, probably growing starvation.

Causes of Leptin Resistance

Leptin resistance and weight problems are interconnected. When you’re chubby, the extra physique fats you’ve got, the upper your leptin ranges go (hyperleptinemia). However having numerous leptin could make your physique much less aware of its indicators, and that’s referred to as leptin resistance. 

This lack of leptin sensitivity can result in continued overeating, inflicting an accumulation of extra physique fats and contributing to weight problems. Whereas leptin resistance is an element, it’s important to know that varied components, together with genetics and life-style, additionally affect weight problems.

Different causative components of leptin resistance are:

  • Irritation: Inflammatory signalling in your hypothalamus doubtless causes leptin resistance.
  • Free fatty acids: Increased free fatty acids focus within the bloodstream interferes with leptin signalling by growing fats metabolites within the mind.
  • Excessive leptin ranges: Excessive leptin ranges initially might have an effect on its capacity to cross your blood-brain barrier.


Leptin resistance and weight problems go hand-in-hand. When chubby, greater physique fats leads to elevated leptin ranges (hyperleptinemia), resulting in leptin resistance. This insensitivity contributes to persistent overeating, accumulating extra physique fats and fostering weight problems. Elements like irritation, elevated free fatty acids, and excessive leptin ranges contribute to leptin resistance by disrupting signalling mechanisms.

Life-style Modifications to Handle Leptin Resistance

Whereas medicine can help in managing leptin resistance, listed here are sure life-style modifications that may be helpful:

Leptin Resistance Weight-reduction plan

To deal with leptin resistance:

  • Give attention to an anti-inflammatory eating regimen.
  • Go for a balanced mixture of fibre-rich meals, veggies, legumes, and high quality proteins like wild fish and grass-fed meats.
  • Reduce down on fried, processed meals and sugary drinks.
  • Switching to a gluten-free eating regimen might assist enhance points of leptin resistance, like lowering waist circumference, balancing blood sugar, decreasing irritation, and reducing triglyceride ranges.
  • Some individuals can enhance leptin sensitivity by way of practices like time-restricted consuming, calorie restriction, or fasting. 
  • Fasting might assist scale back inflammatory markers and reset leptin receptors, selling weight reduction. 

This type of eating regimen additionally promotes higher weight administration and improved total well being. HealthifyMe can tailor a personalised leptin-resistance eating regimen that aligns together with your wants. You may also observe your progress with the app’s options, making it simpler to stay to the eating regimen plan. 

Enhance Sleep Cycle

Lack of enough sleep, poor sleep habits, and disrupted circadian rhythms improve the danger of leptin resistance. Subsequently, bettering leptin sensitivity is feasible by making certain enough sleep. 

To make sure enough sleep, set up a constant bedtime earlier than 10 pm and intention for 7-9 hours of high quality relaxation. 

Common Train

Constant train performs an important position in lowering physique fats, sustaining a wholesome weight, and decreasing leptin ranges. By incorporating common exercises into your routine, you improve the physique’s capability to manage urge for food, lower belly weight problems, and optimise metabolic well being. 

Prioritise a mixture of cardiovascular and energy coaching workout routines for optimum advantages. HealthifyMe’s app can help you in designing a personalised train plan, making certain you meet your health objectives and promote higher weight administration.

Dietary supplements

Chinese language cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia) and Gymnema sylvestre are herbs which have the potential to manage urge for food by impacting leptin, glucose, and insulin ranges. Incorporating these herbs into your eating regimen, below steering, might contribute to raised urge for food management and total metabolic well being. HealthifyMe’s diet specialists can provide personalised recommendation on incorporating such herbs into your eating regimen for holistic well-being.


Whereas medicine is usually a beneficial assist in managing leptin resistance, incorporating life-style modifications is equally helpful. Undertake an anti-inflammatory eating regimen with fibre-rich meals, veggies, and lean proteins. Go gluten-free for higher urge for food management. Observe time-restricted consuming and guarantee 7-9 hours of high quality sleep. Common train helps handle weight and decrease leptin ranges. Contemplate herbs like Chinese language cinnamon and Gymnema Sylvestre, guided by HealthifyMe’s specialists. These easy changes can holistically enhance your well-being.

10 Different Causes Why You Are All the time Hungry

In case you can determine the supply of your starvation, you’ll be able to take steps to handle it and really feel extra glad after a meal. Based mostly on analysis, listed here are ten causes for extreme starvation other than leptin resistance.

You might be Dehydrated

Dehydration could make you’re feeling hungry when your physique really wants fluid. Water not solely gives a way of fullness but in addition aids within the absorption of vitamins from meals. Moreover, the feeling of thirst can typically be confused with starvation. In case you’re uncertain whether or not you’re actually hungry or simply thirsty, attempt consuming a full glass of water earlier than reaching for a meal or snack.

You might be Overeating Sugar or Refined Carbs

Consuming a eating regimen wealthy in refined sugars, together with meals objects like juice, sweet, pastries, and flavoured yoghurts, in addition to pure sources of sugar, can interrupt your starvation signalling. 

These meals, like carbohydrates, digest shortly, inflicting a speedy spike and subsequent drop in your blood sugar ranges. This drop in blood sugar, normally an hour or two later, triggers emotions of starvation as soon as once more. Utilizing HealthifyMe’s CGM to watch sugar consumption means that you can regulate blood sugar ranges. HealthifyMe’s diet coaches can even information you on making more healthy options.

Refined carbs, missing high quality and satiating fibre, are shortly digested by your physique. It’s a key issue behind frequent starvation when consuming numerous refined carbs, as they don’t present lasting emotions of fullness. Moreover, the consumption of refined carbs may end up in speedy spikes in blood sugar.

You might be Not Sleeping Sufficient

Ample sleep performs an important position in controlling urge for food by regulating ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates urge for food. Inadequate sleep leads to excessive ghrelin ranges, contributing to elevated starvation and a heightened want for sugary, high-fat meals. To successfully handle starvation, intention for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night time. Sustaining enough sleep additionally helps the upkeep of enough leptin ranges. 

You might be Not Getting Sufficient Protein, Fats, or Fibre

A balanced eating regimen, incorporating important parts resembling protein, fats, and fibre, performs an important position in selling a way of fullness. Primarily, meals wealthy in protein and fibre can extend the sensation of satiety. In case you constantly expertise starvation, make sure that your meals and snacks include a well-rounded mixture of protein, fats, and fibre.

Whereas high-carbohydrate or processed meals could also be tempting, they may not considerably curb starvation. Prioritising a mixture of protein, fats, and fibre will be more practical in managing your urge for food. HealthifyMe can help you in creating a well-rounded strategy to diet by providing personalised meal plans and professional steering. This strategy seamlessly incorporates nutritious meals into on a regular basis dietary selections, serving to you lead a more healthy life-style.

You Eat Whereas You Are Distracted

Consuming whereas distracted can result in elevated urge for food, greater calorie consumption, and weight achieve. The issue is, if you’re distracted, you don’t realise how a lot you’re consuming. You miss your physique’s indicators that you’re full, in contrast to when you’re centered in your meal.

To keep away from distracted consuming, take into account practising mindfulness, lowering display screen time, and muting digital units. This strategy allows you to sit down, savour your meals, and higher decide up in your physique’s indicators of fullness.

You might be Burdened

Just like inadequate sleep, excessive stress can disrupt your hormonal steadiness and affect your urge for food. Initially, stress may suppress starvation within the quick time period. Nonetheless, if left unmanaged for an prolonged interval, it results in an increase in cortisol ranges. Excessive cortisol ranges intensify urge for food, contributing to elevated starvation.

You Have a Quick Metabolism

Metabolism and physique responses differ for every particular person. In case your metabolism is quicker, you could must eat extra to really feel glad. Whereas it might not be widespread, roughly 32% of individuals have excessive metabolisms. A speedy metabolism may end up in burning a further 100 to 400 energy day by day, which regularly interprets to a persistent feeling of starvation.

You Drink Your Energy

Liquid and strong meals affect your urge for food otherwise. Consuming numerous fluids like smoothies and soups might make you’re feeling hungrier extra usually. Liquids go by way of your abdomen quicker than solids, and research recommend they might not suppress starvation hormones as successfully. Moreover, liquid meals take much less time to eat, probably resulting in overeating. To handle starvation higher, take into account incorporating extra strong, complete meals into your eating regimen.

You Take Sure Drugs

Sure drugs, like steroids, anti-seizure medicine, temper stabilisers, antipsychotics, particular antidepressants, and oral contraceptives, can improve your urge for food. Moreover, sure diabetes drugs, together with insulin, insulin secretagogues, and thiazolidinediones, can improve starvation.

In case you discover that your drugs are making you’re feeling hungrier than normal, talk about your considerations together with your physician. They will help you discover different choices that will not have the identical uncomfortable side effects, serving to you higher handle your urge for food.

Hormonal Imbalance or Modifications

An overactive thyroid gland, referred to as hyperthyroidism, is the most typical hormonal reason behind fixed starvation. The first contributor to hyperthyroidism is Grave’s illness, an immune dysfunction affecting the thyroid gland. Moreover, persistent starvation may end result from hypoglycemia (chronically low blood sugar ranges), in addition to pre-diabetes and diabetes (elevated blood sugar ranges). 

Increased testosterone ranges, as seen in situations like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), might contribute to elevated starvation. Being pregnant-related hormonal modifications may increase starvation ranges. Alongside these hormonal shifts, ladies might expertise a drop in serotonin ranges throughout their menstrual cycle.

When you’re feeling hungry on a regular basis, primarily due to points like leptin resistance, it helps to have somebody in your aspect. That’s the place HealthifyMe is available in. The diet specialists at HealthifyMe will help you with meal plans and easy tricks to handle your starvation in a wholesome manner. They perceive how leptin works in your physique to regulate starvation and the way issues can go off observe when you’re proof against it. With HealthifyMe, you get recommendation tailor-made only for you. It helps you eat proper to really feel much less hungry and likewise to deal with weight problems from the basis. It’s like having a good friend who is aware of all about meals and well being, guiding you in the direction of a more healthy life-style.


Dehydration, sugar overconsumption, insufficient sleep, and imbalances in protein, fats, and fibre consumption can all contribute to excessive urge for food. Distracted consuming and stress may disrupt consuming patterns, whereas a quick metabolism or hormonal modifications might result in elevated starvation. Monitoring sugar consumption with HealthifyMe’s CGM and adopting aware consuming practices can assist in higher urge for food administration. Moreover, consulting with healthcare professionals about medicine results and hormonal imbalances is essential for personalised options.

HealthifyMe Ideas

Ample sleep is essential for sustaining wholesome leptin and ghrelin ranges. Purpose for 7-9 hours of sleep per night time, as beneficial for many adults. Set up a daily sleep schedule by going to mattress and waking up on the similar time each day, together with weekends. It may possibly assist regulate your physique’s inner clock and enhance your sleep high quality. Create a Sleep-Inducing setting by making your bed room conducive to sleep by retaining it cool, darkish, and quiet. Spend money on a snug mattress and pillows, and think about using blackout curtains. Restrict publicity to telephones, tablets, and laptops earlier than mattress, attempt to keep away from screens no less than an hour earlier than bedtime to assist your physique put together for sleep. Handle stress with rest strategies and interact in common, average train. Tackle any underlying well being points which will have an effect on sleep. Enhancing sleep will help regulate leptin ranges, supporting urge for food management and total metabolic well being.

The Ultimate Phrase

Persistent starvation might come up from varied components, together with hormonal imbalances like leptin resistance. Moreover, lifestyle-related components resembling insufficient sleep, poor nutrient steadiness, distracted consuming, stress, and drugs results may affect urge for food. Reaching a steadiness in starvation indicators is feasible by actively monitoring your meals consumption and exercise ranges by way of HealthifyMe’s calorie, sleep, and hydration trackers.

To keep up a extra balanced starvation, make changes to your eating regimen and life-style, specializing in components like the amount, tempo, and composition of your meals. A holistic strategy, incorporating personalised meal plans and professional steering, will help tackle these components and promote higher urge for food administration for total well-being.

Disclaimer: The aim of this text is simply to disperse information and lift consciousness. It doesn’t intend to exchange medical recommendation from professionals. For additional info, please contact our licensed nutritionists Right here.

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Often Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why do I really feel hungry on a regular basis?

A: Persistent starvation can come up from varied components. An inadequate eating regimen, resistance to the satiety hormone leptin, and blood sugar fluctuations from sure meals can all play a job. Moreover, dehydration, disrupted appetite-regulating hormones attributable to poor sleep, stress, and underlying medical situations resembling hyperthyroidism or diabetes can contribute.

Q: What components contribute to fixed starvation?

A: Persistent starvation will be influenced by various factors. These might contain an inadequate eating regimen, resistance to the satiety hormone leptin, and fluctuations in blood sugar brought on by particular meals. Dehydration, disrupted sleep patterns affecting appetite-regulating hormones, persistent stress, and underlying medical situations resembling hyperthyroidism or diabetes may contribute to ongoing extreme starvation.

Q: What causes leptin resistance?

A: Lack of bodily exercise, insufficient sleep, persistent stress, and sure medical situations can contribute. Genetics additionally play a job, as some people could also be extra predisposed to creating leptin resistance. As an illustration, together with mutations in genes answerable for leptin and its receptors. Moreover, disruptions in proteins concerned within the self-regulation of leptin synthesis and blood-brain barrier permeability can contribute to this resistance.

Q: Can sure medical situations trigger fixed starvation?

A: Circumstances resembling diabetes, anxiousness dysfunction, hyperthyroidism, main depressive dysfunction, and sure hormonal imbalances might disrupt regular urge for food regulation, resulting in elevated starvation. For instance, an overactive thyroid results in the extreme manufacturing of thyroid hormones, which have an appetite-stimulating impact.

Q: Does insufficient sleep play a job in feeling hungry steadily?

A: Insufficient sleep not solely causes starvation by affecting starvation hormones but in addition induces cravings for sugary and high-fat meals. Inadequate sleep prompts elevated ghrelin manufacturing, resulting in heightened cravings for energy. It explains the expertise of feeling hungry when sleep-deprived.



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