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What Is Avéli? The Noninvasive Therapy That Will get to the Root of Cellulite

Cellulite is among the peskiest physique issues—one which has launched a thousand topical merchandise, exercise regimens and in-office remedies. Nonetheless, many of those supposed options don’t get at the actual reason behind cellulite—that’s the place the nonsurgical remedy Avéli is available in. Atlanta plastic surgeons Carmen M. Kavali, MD, and Teri N. Moak, MD, dive deeper into the revolutionary cellulite remedy, together with what to anticipate from the primary appointment to the outcomes.

What makes the Avéli cellulite remedy stand out amongst different cellulite-reduction procedures?

“Avéli cellulite remedy is a definitive remedy for cellulite because it bodily severs the band beneath the pores and skin that’s chargeable for the localized pores and skin tethering, which creates the dimple we name cellulite. Earlier remedies intention to enhance the looks of the pores and skin across the dimple, however don’t particularly deal with the foundation reason behind the issue. It targets the trigger, rendering a predictable, everlasting end result. Its different advantages embrace that it’s an in-office process, carried out below native anesthesia, which means it doesn’t must be carried out in an working room. It’s a one-time remedy, and it has little downtime related to the process.”

How does Avéli particularly goal cellulite and what’s its mechanism of motion?

“Avéli is carried out comfortably within the workplace setting. We first numb the realm to be handled. Then, via a really small incision, we use the Avéli machine to tunnel beneath the pores and skin and find the precise fibrotic band that’s inflicting the cellulite dimple. As soon as we’ve remoted that particular cellulite band, we activate the machine, which bodily cuts the band and releases the tethered level of the pores and skin, permitting the pores and skin to put easily.”

What’s the typical course of and period of the remedy?

“We first meet sufferers in session to find out if they’re candidates for the Avéli remedy. A number of points can contribute to an undesired look of the buttocks and posterior thighs. These actually embrace cellulite, however generally, we discover that the realm of concern may additionally be as a consequence of pores and skin laxity, looseness, or uneven fats distribution within the space. Pores and skin laxity and uneven fats distribution are usually not targets for Avéli—these require totally different modalities, so we wish to be certain that we’re adequately diagnosing the priority. 

As soon as we decide {that a} affected person is an efficient candidate for Avéli, we spend time describing the process and its restoration to the affected person, ensuring all their questions are answered. On the day of the process, we mark all of the cellulite areas of concern with the affected person’s enter to make sure that we’re focusing on all the areas we are able to. After we’ve answered any last-minute questions and gone over the steps of the process once more, we get our sufferers comfy in our remedy space. They’ve the choice of taking some stress-free treatment or utilizing our Professional-Nox laughing fuel earlier than the process begins to assist them calm down as we get began.

After the process, we’ve the affected person placed on a compression garment to restrict swelling and ache and reinforces a brand new, clean contour to the pores and skin. In whole, this go to takes about two hours. Following remedy, the sufferers shall be seen within the clinic one week post-treatment, six weeks post-treatment, three months post-treatment, and 6 months post-treatment.

Initially, there could also be some bruising and swelling of the handled space, which generally resolves inside two to a few weeks. We ask that our sufferers put on their compression clothes as a lot as attainable for as much as two weeks after the process. For the primary two weeks following the process, we enable gentle bodily exercise. After three weeks, there aren’t any exercise restrictions—the affected person can return to full bodily exercise as tolerated. Ultimate outcomes are sometimes seen between three to 6 months, although there are instantly seen enhancements within the cellulite areas.”

What outcomes can sufferers realistically anticipate from the Avéli remedy, each by way of cellulite discount and total pores and skin look?

“Avéli delivers a long-term discount within the look of cellulite. The handled areas shall be visibly smoother with much less dimpling and improved pores and skin contour.”

Are there any potential dangers or unintended effects related to the Avéli and the way do they examine to different cellulite discount strategies?

“One consideration of remedy with Avéli entails ‘cluster’ areas of cellulite dimples. We do have to make sure that we don’t over-release one space of the buttocks or thighs, as this could result in loose-appearing pores and skin. We’ll focus on any of those cluster areas with you throughout your session and guarantee we concentrate on the areas that trouble you most. One other consideration is the gluteal fold, the place the buttocks meet the thigh. We can’t aggressively deal with cellulite situated on this particular fold, as we don’t wish to disrupt the fold and result in a flattened look of the buttocks.”

Is the Avéli remedy appropriate for every type of cellulite and pores and skin varieties?

“Any pores and skin sort could be handled with Avéli. Sufferers have to be wholesome and prepared to put on compression post-treatment for 2 to a few weeks to attain optimum outcomes. As talked about earlier, we additionally want to make sure, on examination, that the true reason behind the affected person’s issues is, in truth, cellulite and never unfastened pores and skin or fats distribution points.”

How happy have sufferers been with the long-term outcomes of the Avéli cellulite remedy in comparison with different choices?

“Very! Most of our sufferers see a direct enchancment within the areas of concern. Over time, these outcomes solely enhance! When mixed with different pores and skin smoothing and quality-improvement remedies comparable to VelaShape and Sculptra, their outcomes are even higher. Equally, when sufferers are present process procedures comparable to a Brazilian Butt Elevate or fats grafting to the buttocks, their outcomes are augmented with the addition of Avéli.”



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