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What can I take advantage of if I haven’t got a dilator? – Vuvatech

| Tara Langdale

Many ladies undergo from pelvic ache brought on by pelvic ache situations akin to vaginismus, vulvodynia, or pelvic flooring dysfunction. These situations could make vaginal penetration painful and even inconceivable. Happily, there are numerous remedies that may assist ease the ache, and one of the widespread ones is utilizing vaginal dilators. Dilators are designed to stretch and loosen up the vaginal muscle tissue step by step, which will help alleviate ache throughout sexual activity or gynecological exams. Nonetheless, some girls could marvel what they’ll use if they do not have a dilator or cannot afford one. On this weblog submit, we’ll talk about why you actually need to make use of vaginal dilators. 

Utilizing Your Fingers:

One of the frequent alternate options to dilators is utilizing your fingers. Whereas it could seem to be a handy and cheap answer, utilizing your fingers to stretch your vagina can truly do extra hurt than good. Our fingers are usually not designed for this objective, and we could by chance trigger additional injury, irritation, or an infection by inserting them into the vagina. Fingers may additionally not be lengthy or vast sufficient to offer enough stretching, so the progress could also be slower than with dilators. Furthermore, utilizing fingers can really feel uncomfortable or triggering for some girls, particularly if they’ve a historical past of sexual trauma or ache. So, whereas fingers could seem to be an accessible selection, they don’t seem to be a really useful one.

Utilizing Family Gadgets:

One other different to dilators that some girls could attempt is utilizing home items akin to candles, tampons, or hairbrushes. Nonetheless, that is extremely dangerous and may trigger extreme harm or an infection. This stuff may be exhausting to scrub and may include micro organism, fungi, or toxins that may hurt the vaginal tissue or trigger an allergic response. Moreover, these things are usually not designed to be protected or snug for vaginal use, to allow them to be too tough, sharp, or small, resulting in tears, abrasions, or bleeding. Utilizing home items to stretch your vagina can have severe penalties.

Why Dilators are a Higher Choice:

Whereas it is comprehensible that some girls could wrestle to afford dilators, it is necessary to notice that dilators are the most secure and best possibility for vaginal stretching. Dilators are designed particularly for this objective, they usually are available in varied sizes, shapes, and supplies to accommodate totally different preferences and wishes. Dilators are additionally manufactured from medical-grade silicone or plastic, which is straightforward to scrub, easy, and non-toxic, so they do not trigger hurt or irritation to the vaginal tissue. Furthermore, dilators include directions and assist from a healthcare supplier, so you should utilize them appropriately and monitor your progress. Lastly, dilators may also enhance your sexual confidence, intimacy, and pleasure, as they will help you loosen up and put together for sexual exercise with much less ache or concern.

Dilators are the most effective and most really useful possibility for vaginal stretching and ache aid. Whereas some alternate options could appear tempting or accessible, they are often harmful and dangerous. VuVa Dilator Firm supplies inexpensive choices, and it’s important to buy from a good firm that has been round since 2014. Utilizing dilators can enhance your high quality of life and sexual well being, and it is value investing in them.



Vaginal Dilators have been utilized within the plan of look after sufferers that undergo from pelvic ache situations for many years. Sadly, this protected remedy with often no negative effects isn’t the primary possibility offered to girls that suffer from painful intercourse. Often dangerous drugs and surgical procedure are offered typically to start with of in search of remedy. Not solely do drugs masks the ache, they often have unsafe negative effects.

Pelvic Flooring Bodily Therapists know the significance of utilizing dilators for his or her pelvic flooring sufferers. Pelvic Flooring PT’s use dilator remedy together with guide remedy to assist loosen up your pelvic flooring muscle tissue. Vaginal Dilators are identified to be a comparatively protected remedy with actually negative effects. 

VuVa Dilators are the one dilators containing a patented Neodymium Magnet sleeve. Common vaginal dilators with out magnets are nonetheless going to be helpful, however VuVa Magnetic Dilators are confirmed to work sooner in decreasing your pelvic ache. 


So what is the huge distinction? What are Neodymium magnets? 


Whereas most dilators are simply items of plastic, VuVa Dilators include over 60 magnets in a full set of 5 dilators. Neodymium magnets are a member of the Uncommon Earth magnet household and are probably the most highly effective everlasting magnets on this planet. They’re additionally known as NdFeB magnets, or NIB, as a result of they’re composed primarily of Neodymium (Nd), Iron (Fe) and Boron (B).

There’s a sleeve with many Neodymium magnets which can be hand positioned within the appropriate route with the north aspect of the magnet going through outward. 

Magnetic Remedy is predicated on the premise that every one residing organisms exist in a magnetic discipline, together with the human physique. The human physique generates its personal magnetic discipline. Due to this fact, the physique can heal itself when electromagnetic vitality is in steadiness. Chances are you’ll really feel a heat sensation if you use our magnetic dilators, that’s the blood move to pelvic area. 

This protected and optimistic manipulation of muscle tissue helps set off elevated supply of oxygen and vitamins into the bloodstream. This in flip not solely hastens blood circulation, but additionally implies that muscle tissue are actually getting enough oxygen and vitamins as nicely, eliminating ache. 


vuva dilator company vaginal dilators


What occurs if you use a VuVa Magnetic Vaginal Dilator?

Gentle tissue lengthens, enjoyable muscle tissue and ligaments. Because the tissue relaxes, the Neodymium magnets enhance blood move to the painful space calming nerves. VuVa™ Magnetic Vaginal Dilators are the one patented dilators out there with Neodymium magnets.

The “North Pole” of a Neodymium magnet is commonly referred to by medical researchers because the “therapeutic aspect” of the magnet. The VuVa™ Vaginal Dilator set incorporates over sixty strategically positioned Neodymium magnets that enable this discipline of soothing vitality to move into the physique.

Iron is a element of our blood content material and each ion – or atom – contained in our cells carries oxygen and produces {an electrical} impulse. These two components make up our our bodies personal electrical magnetic discipline.

This implies when the adverse north aspect of a magnet is positioned subsequent to a painful space, it attracts recent oxygenated blood to the nerves and surrounding muscle tissue. This, in distinction, is a optimistic vitality discipline. The optimistic vitality discipline creates two outcomes: as magnets are alkaline, it counteracts any acidity within the physique brought on by illness and recent blood helps to take away any acidity from the physique which, in flip, accelerates therapeutic whereas decreasing ache.


Scientific Trials

VuVa Vaginal Dilators are the one dilators available on the market with a medical trial performed by Dr. Micheal Swor M.D, a Pelvic Ache Specialist Gynecologist. Learn extra about VuVa medical trials right here.



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