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Vitamin D for carpal tunnel syndrome signs

A latest examine printed within the journal Vitamins explores vitamin D’s function in managing carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

Research: The function of vitamin D within the therapy of carpal tunnel syndrome: medical and electroneuromyographic responses. Picture Credit score: Alliance Photos /

What’s CTS?

CTS is among the many most prevalent peripheral neuropathies affecting the wrist anatomy. It causes compression of the median nerve, a big nerve that innervates the arm, forearm, and hand. This compression causes the affected person to really feel ache, numbness, or tingling alongside the higher limb space affected by the strain. Moreover, CTS typically results in weakened grip and hand perform.

Weight problems, diabetes, repetitive stress damage, rheumatoid irritation, being pregnant, and genetic components work together to extend the danger of CTS. CTS sometimes impacts these between 40 and 60 years; nonetheless, the situation also can have an effect on people of different ages. Ladies are twice as more likely to have CTS as males, with 193 and 88 men and women affected for each 1,000,000, respectively.

Vitamin D and CTS

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism and immunologic perform. Additionally it is essential for endocrine, cardiovascular, skeletal, and pores and skin well being and is related to metabolic and antioxidant/anti-inflammatory properties.

Thus, vitamin D deficiency might potentiate a number of neuropathic or ache syndromes related to elevated irritation. Vitamin D deficiency additionally enhances symptom severity in CTS.

Thus far, it stays unclear how vitamin D supplementation might assist handle CTS.

Concerning the examine

The present examine included 14 sufferers with CTS from two facilities. All examine members had CTS on one or each wrists and low vitamin D ranges. Not one of the examine members had consumed nutritional vitamins for six months earlier than the examine interval, nor did any of the members have a historical past of medical or surgical therapy for CTS.

The examine members have been screened for different situations that might trigger CTS or comparable signs, reminiscent of neuropathies, inflammatory syndromes, trauma within the affected limb, poorly managed diabetes, illness of the thyroid and parathyroid, cervical issues, and weight problems. All examine members have been females with a imply age of 51 years.

The members have been randomized to obtain both corticosteroid remedy alone or corticosteroids with vitamin D supplementation. Block randomization was utilized to make sure homogeneity inside the cohort.

Graphical AbstractGraphical Summary

What did the examine present?

Amongst CTS sufferers with low vitamin D ranges, the addition of vitamin D to corticosteroid remedy led to improved ache reduction, diminished symptom severity, and sure electromyography (EMG) parameters.

At baseline, Phalen and Tinel assessments have been carried out on all sufferers, with 86% and 71% positivity charges, respectively. When stratified by group, the intervention group had 100% Phalen positivity at baseline, which was diminished to 75% at three months. Comparatively, Phalen positivity charges within the corticosteroid therapy alone group have been 67% and 33%, respectively.

At baseline, corticosteroid-only recipients had 50% positivity on the Tinel take a look at, which was diminished to 33% by three months. In comparison with baseline ranges of 88%, vitamin D supplementation led to Tinel take a look at positivity of 75% by three months.

Ache reduction was better within the intervention group than within the controls, which corresponds to the elevated vitamin D concentrations. Symptom severity was diminished in each teams with out important purposeful state enchancment.

With EMG, motor latency of the median nerve and delicate driving pace improved within the intervention group.


Earlier research have indicated that vitamin D deficiency will increase the danger of CTS and symptom severity. The present examine corroborates these outcomes and means that vitamin D supplementation in CTS sufferers with low vitamin D ranges could scale back innervation and hypersensitivity ranges, thereby decreasing ache sensation and nerve tingling. Decrease vitamin D ranges have been related to better symptom severity, which improved after three months of supplementation alongside corticosteroid remedy.

Vitamin D protects towards neuropathies like CTS by suppressing L-type calcium channel expression and upregulating vitamin D receptors and their antioxidant exercise.

Vitamin D supplementation improves ache severity in CTS. As well as, it influences the discount within the severity of signs in sufferers with CTS, but it surely doesn’t intrude with their purposeful standing.”

Each Tinel and Phalen assessments, although sometimes used for analysis reasonably than monitoring therapy, confirmed medical enchancment in each teams. Thus, the present examine additionally demonstrates a monitoring function for these assessments.

Future research with bigger pattern sizes, longer follow-up, and different analysis instruments are indicated to validate and lengthen the outcomes of this experiment.

Journal reference:

  • Andrade, A. V. D., Martins, D. G. S., Rocha, G. S., et al. (2024). The function of vitamin D within the therapy of carpal tunnel syndrome: medical and electroneuromyographic responses. Vitamins. doi:10.3390/nu16121947.


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