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Varun Mudra: Advantages, Steps and Precautions

varun mudra for skin
Varun mudra fingers. Picture: Canva

The phrase mudra is among the widespread Sanskrit phrases in yoga which is derived from Mud and Dhra that means ‘bliss’ and ‘dissolving’. It has a deep that means however loosely it’s translated as ‘that which dissolves duality and brings forth the bliss’.

Numerous hand mudras in yoga characterize a number of of the 5 parts of the physique (ether, air, fireplace, water, and earth) based mostly on the place of the fingers.

Varun mudra is mudra of water aspect.

On this article, we are going to discover the advantages of Varun Mudra, its therapeutic makes use of, and find out how to carry out it appropriately.

What’s Varun Mudra?

Varun Mudra is a hand gesture that promotes water content material within the physique. It’s fashioned by becoming a member of the pinky fingertip to the thumb tip whereas holding the opposite three fingers straight.

Varun Mudra can be referred to as ‘Jal Vardhak Mudra‘ in Sanskrit, which accurately means “water enhancer mudra.” If there’s a shortage of water in your physique, working towards Varun Mudra is extremely useful for growing the physique’s water content material.

Water can be a logo of freedom and fluidity due to its flowing nature. Emulating this high quality of water, Varun Mudra brings psychological readability and quietness. Therefore, additionally it is referred to as the ‘seal of psychological readability.’

Water constitutes a good portion of our physique and is current in all organs, blood cells, hormones, enzymes, digestive juices, and extra. Varun Mudra helps shield the physique from water-related points equivalent to dehydration, fatigue, weight problems, and pores and skin dryness

Advantages of Varun Mudra

  1. Retains the physique hydrated. Varun mudra re-hydrates physique tissues at mobile degree and supplies aid from a spread of problems like constipation, dehydration, polyuria (frequent urination), and so forth.
  2. Balances the water content material. Common observe of varun mudra retains the water content material of your physique in equilibrium. This may present aid from oliguria (lack of urination), oligospermia (low semen), oligomenorrhoea (quick menstruation), anemia (low hemoglobin), gastroenteritis, and so forth.
  3. Helps in decreasing ldl cholesterol. Varun mudra is useful in decreasing ldl cholesterol and stopping the onset of abdomen ulcers. It does so by regulating the method of elimination, which removes poisonous wastes from the physique.
  4. Purifies the blood. Varun mudra prevents the insufficient distribution of water by sustaining wholesome circulation of blood vessels. This helps in common cleansing of the blood and retains it clear.
  5. Lubricates the joints. This mudra maintains the water content material within the varied cartilages, tissues, and muscle groups, stopping them from degenerating. This in flip reduces the possibilities of issues like Osteoarthritis.
  6. Moisturizes dry eyes. Varun mudra retains the eyes lubricated, stopping dryness within the eyes and blurred imaginative and prescient.
  7. Helps glow the pores and skin. Varun mudra helps within the distribution of water throughout the cell and prevents useless pores and skin cells. By the common observe of varun mudra, the circulate of water will get higher. This leads to clear pores and skin, decreased pimples, and wrinkles. Pores and skin problems equivalent to eczema, psoriasis, rashes, or petechiae (pink or purple spots) might be prevented by varun mudra.
  8. Improves saliva manufacturing. Your sense of style improves with common observe of varun mudra. It prompts higher saliva manufacturing which additionally prevents dryness of the mouth.
  9. Stimulate Sacral Chakra. Since varun mudra is water aspect mudra, it offers energy to the sacral chakra. Thus practising varun mudra alleviates any deficiency attributable to imbalances of sacral chakra.
  10. Counters Vata imbalance. In case you are a Vata particular person, then practising this mudra could be very useful so that you can treatment issues like dehydration, dryness of the pores and skin & joint ache.

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Find out how to Do Varun Mudra?

varun mudra fingers in yoga session
Varun mudra in a cross-legged posture. Picture: fitsri

To make varun mudra, first straighten your fingers then bend your little finger in such a means that the tip of the thumb touches the tip of the little finger. preserve the remainder three fingers straight. Make this gesture with each fingers.

As varun mudra balances the extent water aspect, it may be carried out any time of the day, particularly when the physique feels dehydrated. Throughout summers or on a sunny day, you possibly can observe this mudra to maintain your physique nourished and funky.

The observe period for Varun Mudra ought to be at the least 20-Half-hour a day. Both observe it at a stretch in a single sitting or divide it into 2-3 classes of 10-Quarter-hour all through the day.

If you wish to regularize Varun mudra observe in meditation, comply with these steps;

  • Sit in your preferable meditative place equivalent to Sukhasana (simple pose) or Padmasana (lotus pose). Take the time to settle in your place and preserve your head and again straight.
  • Shut your eyes & convey your fingers to your knees with the palms dealing with upwards.
  • Be part of the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger on each fingers. The remainder of the fingers will stay relaxed but straight.
  • Observe this mudra for 10-Quarter-hour.
  • Separate your fingers gently after your session is over however don’t rise up instantly.
  • Keep seated for a few minutes, along with your eyes closed, and slowly get conscious of your environment.

Precautions and Contraindications

Don’t observe varun mudra when you’ve got issues like swelling, bloating, or puffiness, which is usually attributable to water retention. It could present hostile unwanted side effects when executed in such situations.

  • If you end up having cough and chilly, keep away from doing varun mudra. It could worsen your cough signs.
  • Folks with Pitta and Kapha dosha ought to be cautious of practising varun mudra as it could possibly result in an imbalance of the water aspect of their our bodies.
  • Don’t press the ideas too laborious. It will damage and be a explanation for distraction in your observe.

Varun Mudra Impacts on 5 Components and Dosha

mudras for dosha
Picture: Fitsri

Out of the 5 parts, Varun Mudra immediately impacts the water aspect.

The little finger represents the water aspect within the physique. In Varun Mudra, when the thumb contacts the little fingertip, it boosts the water aspect related to the little finger.

Varun Mudra is immediately linked with Kapha and Pitta doshas, as water is a standard aspect in each. The water aspect is often elevated in people with Kapha or Pitta doshas. Since their water content material is already excessive, folks with these doshas ought to observe Varun Mudra carefully.

However, people with Vata dosha usually lack water content material. Due to this fact, an individual with Vata dosha can vastly profit from Varun Mudra, as it could possibly counteract pores and skin dryness, dehydration, and different points arising from imbalanced area and earth parts. It additionally helps folks with extra inside warmth settle down their our bodies.

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Working towards Varun Mudra can present a plethora of advantages, significantly in your pores and skin, eyes, and blood. Your organs and bones will perform correctly if the water content material in your physique is maintained at an optimum degree. Water performs an important position in cleansing and purification, and Varun Mudra might be immensely useful in holding this course of lively.



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