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The Captain’s Chair Train and Exercise For Rock Arduous Abs

To not pin one train towards one other, however in relation to constructing a 6-pack, (whereas defending your again), the captain’s chair stays dominant.

“Additionally referred to as a Roman Chair, the captain chair is a chunk of kit you’ll see standing towards a wall someplace in most gyms,” says Michael Wittig, ISSA grasp coach. “It seems to be like an elevated chair with armrests, however no seat, and they’re going to typically have dip bars connected to the handrests.”

For these seeking to construct a powerful midsection, the captain chair is a device that permits you to hit all angles of your stomach area whereas holding your again well being in verify. So, if you happen to battle with decrease again points or just need killer abs, this machine is for you.

“The captain’s chair stabilizes your again decreasing the possibility of damage and isolates the rectus abdominis, obliques, and hip flexors,” says Wittig. “It permits people who don’t have the power to do core workouts from a dangling place, and is appropriate for people of all ages from youth to aged.”

When using the captain’s chair as a part of one’s common coaching program, Wittig explains it could actually strengthen the core, enhance posture, and scale back decrease again ache.

On that notice, if you happen to’re seeking to construct a stronger core, right here’s your information to utilizing the Captain’s Chair. However earlier than you strive a facet notice; some people could not have the higher physique power to carry themselves up in a captain’s chair. “If you happen to query your power stage be sure to have somebody with you when you prepare,” warns Wittig.

Learn how to Use The Captain’s Chair

Correct type is essential when utilizing any piece of kit and helps you not solely keep away from pointless accidents but in addition permits you to get essentially the most out of the exercise. Right here, Wittig exhibits you find out how to greatest get into the beginning place within the captain’s chair in correct type so you may reap all the advantages from the next workouts.

  1. Relaxation your forearms on the armrests, grip the hand bars, and press your again into the backrest.
  2. Brace your self in place along with your again and shoulders.
  3. Attempt to not permit your higher physique to sag down.
  4. Enable your legs to hold straight down.
  5. Maintain your neck straight and face ahead throughout all workouts.

How To Do The 4 Most Frequent Captain Chair Workout routines

A few of Wittig’s “go-to” captain’s chair workouts embody: leg raises, knee raises, knee facet elevate, and bicycle knee raises. When you’ve nailed down correct type within the chair, give these workouts a strive. You’ll be able to improve the extent of issue of those workouts by putting a dumbbell between your ft.

How To Do Captain Chair Bicycle Knee Raises

  1. Get within the beginning place with good type.
  2. Elevate one leg upward in order that it’s at a 90-degree angle and depart the opposite leg hanging.
  3. Elevate the second knee to the parallel place while concurrently dropping your beginning leg.
  4. In a steady movement, repeat.
  5. Ensure to take care of a gradual tempo and to make sure that every knee is raised to the right stage.

How To Do Captain’s Chair Knee Raises

  1. Get within the beginning place with correct type.
  2. Bend each your knees and maintain them collectively, forming a squat place in midair.
  3. Elevate your knees to your chest. (You should definitely elevate them above your hip flexors.)
  4. Decrease them to the beginning place and repeat.

Learn how to Do Captain Chair Leg Raises

  1. Within the beginning place, barely bend your knees after which slowly elevate your legs. Cease when they’re at a 90-degree angle. Maintain this place.
  2. Slowly launch your legs till they return to the beginning place. Watch out to tighten your abs as you go and don’t let your legs drop.

How To Do Captain’s Chair Knee Aspect Elevate

  1. Get within the beginning place
  2. Bend your legs and pivot from the hips to convey your knees as much as the appropriate facet of your physique. Take into consideration bringing your legs up towards your elbow.
  3. Decrease your legs again to the beginning place.
  4. Exhale as you decrease your legs.
Asian male performing a Captain's Chair exercise to strengthen his abs
Mdv Edwards

Captain’s Chair Exercise for Newcomers:

Captain’s Chair Bicycle Knee Raises:  2 units of 10-12 reps on both sides

Captain’s Chair Knee Raises: 2 units of 10-12 reps

Captain’s Chair Exercise for Intermediate and Superior Degree

Captain’s Chair Leg Elevate: 3×12-15

Captain’s Chair Knee Aspect Elevate: 3×12-15



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