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That means, Signs, Remedy ⋆ Simple Ayurveda

Article by Dr Manasa S, BAMS & Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)

‘Vipadika’ – has been talked about as one among the many eighty Vata Nanatmaja Rogas i.e. particular issues that are brought on by ‘solely vata’.

Vipadika means cracks or fissures. It primarily happens within the ft. Cracks and fissures can happen somewhere else of the physique too, however when they’re restricted to the ft, they’re known as as Vipadika.

Causes of Vipadika

Since Vipadika is a Vata dysfunction it’s clear that ‘aggravated vata’ is causal of this situation.

Clearly all vata aggravating meals and actions are the causative components of vipadika. Primarily the meals and actions which have a tendency to provide extreme dryness and roughness of the pores and skin are liable for this situation. Avoiding all types of fat within the meals can be causal.

Cracks and fissures over the pores and skin might primarily manifest within the seasons meant for vata accumulation and aggravation i.e. grishma – summer time and varsha – wet season or monsoon season respectively. Sizzling and dry or chilly and dry climate impacts the pores and skin and would trigger fissures in inclined skins.

Repeated harm or trauma to the pores and skin of the ft, waling and dealing on tough surfaces or too damp surfaces additionally would trigger vipadika. Trauma can be an essential trigger for vata aggravation. Improper foot care may result in pores and skin harm across the ft. Common carrying of correct footwear is talked about amongst actions and practices of dinacharya – every day routine indicating the earliest documentation of foot care on everyday foundation.

Pada or foot is one among the many karmendriyas i.e. organs of motion. So, the foot is certain to be subjected to ‘put on and tear’ phenomenon which is likely one of the causes for pores and skin fissures.

Pores and skin is a mirrored image of wholesome state of rasa and rasavaha srotas. Rasa dhatu kshaya will trigger ‘raukshya’ – excessive dryness of the pores and skin. Lower of rasa dhatu, contamination of rasa carrying srotas and consequent aggravation of vata within the foot would predispose the pores and skin of the foot to develop scales, cracks and fissures.

Atiyoga – extreme utilization and Mithya yoga – irregular use of sparshana indriya – sense organ of contact / tactile sensation can be an essential trigger.

Pathogenesis of Vipadika

Extreme consumption or publicity to etiological components liable for vata imbalance will finally result in aggravation of vata within the pores and skin of the foot / ft.

This may result in extreme dryness and roughness of the pores and skin. The pores and skin loses the pure moistness / oiliness.

There’s put on and tear of the pores and skin of ft over a time frame.

Cracks and fissures develop within the ft.

The cracks and fissures so shaped worsen and get deeper resulting in disfiguration of pores and skin related to many different signs of vata improve.

This situation is known as as Vipadika.

Remedy of Vipadika

Nidana Parivarjana – One ought to keep away from all of the causative components liable for aggravation of vata – together with meals and way of life practices. One shouldn’t neglect pores and skin and foot well being i.e. ought to take excellent care of foot and pores and skin well being. One also needs to keep away from publicity to extremes of seasonal adjustments which could harm the foot.

Treating Vata – Vata balancing meals, actions and season care are extraordinarily essential.

Exterior therapies – ought to embrace –

  • snehana – common software of oils or medicated oils to the foot,
  • pada abhyanga – foot therapeutic massage with vata assuaging oils,
  • sneha dhara – pouring medicated oils over the affected space / foot,
  • ksheeradhara – pouring of milk medicated with vata assuaging herbs like dashamula,
  • swedana – sudation or steaming following oil software

Inside therapies – embrace –

  • snehapana – common consumption of oils / ghee ready with vata assuaging herbs
  • vasti – oil enemas

Vaipadika Kushta

One more related situation known as Vaipadika has been defined within the context of ‘kshudra kushta’ i.e. minor pores and skin illnesses. It presents with cracks and fissures in palms and ft and extreme ache in these areas.

Fashionable Correlation of Vipadika

Vipadika will be correlated with pores and skin fissures defined in fashionable medication. Its scientific presentation is much like vipadika and presents with dry and cracked pores and skin. Pores and skin across the fissure turns into thick and calloused. Pores and skin fissures mostly happens in heels, fingertips and in between the toes. It’s brought about resulting from excessive dryness of the pores and skin – xerosis. There’s additionally change in coloration of pores and skin.

Pores and skin dryness, extreme publicity to dry and chilly seasons / local weather, improper foot care, overuse of detergents and frequent hand wash are a number of the essential causes. Different situations like diabetes, vitamin deficiency, psoriasis, eczema and fungal infections are additionally causal.

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