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Surabhi Mudra (Want-Fulfilling Gesture): The best way to Do, Varieties, Advantages

surabhi mudra
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Surabhi Mudra, also called the Want-Fulfilling Gesture or Tridosha Nashak Mudra, is a robust hand gesture within the apply of yoga. It’s revered for its means to stability the physique’s parts, stimulate creativity, and assist manifest needs. Rooted in historical traditions and mythology, this mudra not solely has vital therapeutic advantages but in addition connects the practitioner to a deeper state of consciousness.

By integrating this apply into every day life, people can expertise vital optimistic adjustments and private transformation.

Surabhi: The Daughter of Kamadhenu Cow

Based on Hindu Puranas, Kamadhenu is a miraculous cow that has the ability to meet the needs one needs for. She has a daughter title Surabhi and like her mom, she acquired the divine energy of wish-fulfilling.

Surabhi is definitely a synonym of a cow. Our fingers make the form like a cow’s udder after we carried out this mudra, so it’s referred to as the cow mudra, dhenu mudra, or kamadhenu mudra.

Meditating on udder like fingers on this mudra helps the unconscious thoughts to watch its personal fickleness. As soon as it settles down, the one factor stays is our sakama apply. A sakama apply is when we have now a specific want within the coronary heart whereas practising.

The best way to Do Surabhi Mudra

  1. Select a cushty sitting posture, both easy Padmasana or Vajrasana works greatest for this mudra.
  2. To start Surabhi Mudra; deliver your palms on the chest degree and do Namaste whereas palms are separated.
  3. Transfer the ring finger of the left hand in the direction of the little finger of the suitable hand after which take your proper little finger over this to the touch the little left finger.
  4. Then transfer your left index finger to the touch the tip of the suitable center finger and taking up this, transfer left center finger to the touch the suitable index finger.
  5. Regulate fingers little up and down to carry them contact correctly.
  6. hold each the thumbs unfold aside pointing towards the guts and this complete association of fingers pointing up in the direction of the sky.
  7. Maintain the mudra and meditate on fingers for a minimum of 1 to 2 minutes. Chanting the Gayatri mantra on this mudra additional will increase its working effectivity.

Holding fingers on this mudra could look daunting but it surely comes simply with gradual and constant apply. One can strive;

  • One can bend fingers, at first, to make correct contact in between cross fingers whereas doing Surabhi mudra
  • In case your palms tremble whereas practising it then open & shut your fist, increase & contract fingers for serval occasions would assist
  • Going slowly and following directions in the identical method as described in step third and 4th would assist in making a great grip between fingers.

Few Factors to Test

These precautions ought to taken whereas performing Surabhi mudra;

  • The thumb ought to stay untouched – Whereas performing Surabhi mudra particularly, one must be cautious that the thumb shouldn’t contact the foundation of any of the fingers.
    It is because when this occurs, the influence of the ingredient will improve and this would possibly scale back the advantages which the seeker would have in any other case achieved.
  • If you’re a newbie then you will need to begin practising this mudra with a decrease time restrict. Until the coordination is established between the organ techniques, you need to do that yoga mudra for just a few minutes.

How Does Surabhi Mudra Work?

5 elements in fingertips

In Surabhi Mudra, the index finger (Air ingredient) meets the center finger (Ether ingredient). This place brings the very best chakra on the heart of the top in stability and mentally provides a soothing sensation. Moreover, the ring finger (Earth ingredient) touches the tip of the little finger (water ingredient). This place helps in enhancing inventive powers.

As per Swami Purna Chaitanya Surabhi, a direct disciple of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi
Shankar, Surabhi mudra is a therapeutic gesture which helps in balancing all the weather. It helps in fixing the problems associated to Kapha, Vata, and Pitta. This is the reason Surabhi Mudra is also called Tridosha Nashak Mudra, a destroyer of three doshas Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Surabhi Mudra additionally stimulate the endocrine gland and flush out the toxins from the physique. Because of the secretion of endocrine hormones, It helps achieve final happiness, peace, and creativity.

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Primarily based on the thumbs association below completely different fingers, Surabhi can apply in its 4 variation varieties.

  1. Vayu Surabhi Mudra – Vayu Surabhi Mudra helps in fixing the well being points that relate to Vayu issues within the physique. On this, the thumb suggestions contact the bottom of the index finger.
  2. Shunya Surabhi Mudra: On this variation, there’s the involvement of the Akasha ingredient and therefore it could result in a relaxed thoughts. On this mudra, the ideas of the thumbs contact the bottom of the center finger.
  3. Prithvi Surabhi Mudra: For the reason that Prithvi ingredient is concerned, there’s a discount of cough and good digestion. On this, the ideas of the thumb contact the bottom of the ring finger.
  4. Jal Surabhi Mudra: This mudra brings in a cooling sensation to the physique. On this, the ideas of the thumb contact the bottom of the little finger.

Surabhi Mudra Advantages

  • Surabhi Mudra is probably the most highly effective gesture for Navel chakra or for the individuals having constipation, ulcers, and diabetes points. This mudra balances extreme or suppressive power of this chakra and creates vitality in it.
  • As one ingredient combines on this mudra with a unique ingredient, it magnifies and multiplies their powers. In Kundalini awakening, this energy strengthens the physique and thoughts to face up to rising kundalini and breaks power knots (if any).
  • For the reason that common apply of this mudra helps in enhancing creativity, it will increase the optimistic power inside the seekers and thus helps them to make their needs get fulfilled.
  • Surabhi Mudra additionally helps in relieving gasoline and acidity troubles as a result of it prompts the excretory system.
  • As all of the 5 parts (Pancha tattvas) combines not directly on this mudra, it takes care of the hormone system, gland system, and likewise stability within the Pancha tatva.
  • Surabhi mudra with the Gayatri mantra creates a meditative setting that improves the ‘Aura’ of the physique.
  • As Surabhi mudra immediately associated to third eye chakra, it enhances the reminiscence and focus energy of the seeker.

Precautions and Contraindications

Whereas Surabhi Mudra affords quite a few advantages, it’s important to apply it appropriately to keep away from imbalances:

  • Right Process: Comply with the exact steps to make sure correct alignment and keep away from enhancing sure parts excessively.
  • Thumb Place: Make sure that thumbs don’t contact one another or the bottom of the fingers to maximise advantages.
  • Gradual Apply: Begin with quick durations and regularly enhance the time as coordination improves.

Time and Period for Practising Surabhi Mudra

To achieve probably the most advantages from Surabhi Mudra, it is very important apply it recurrently and on the applicable occasions.

Really useful Instances for Apply

  • Morning: Practising within the morning units a optimistic tone for the day, enhancing creativity and focus.
  • Night: Practising within the night calms the thoughts and prepares you for restful sleep.


  • Newbie: Begin with holding the mudra for 1-2 minutes. This helps your fingers and thoughts get accustomed to the gesture.
  • Intermediate: Progressively enhance the length to 5-10 minutes per session as you turn into extra comfy.
  • Superior: Intention to carry the mudra for as much as quarter-hour per session. For optimum advantages, apply thrice a day.


Surabhi Mudra is a transformative apply that gives profound advantages for thoughts, physique, and spirit. By incorporating this highly effective mudra into your every day routine, you possibly can unlock the potential for want achievement, creativity, and private transformation. Embrace the traditional knowledge of Surabhi Mudra and expertise the optimistic adjustments it brings to your life.



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