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Summer time Solstice Ritual Inspiration: Reconnect To Nature & Really feel Renewed – Weblog

Revered for 1000’s of years as the unique type of god, the solar not solely warms us and permits all the things on earth to thrive, however signifies an ever-present energy and giver of life. All through historical past, civilisations from the Mayans to the Egyptians, historic India and China, the Romans, Mexicans, Peruvians, and naturally right here within the UK have worshipped the solar and created rituals round it and the summer season solstice.

Megaliths all through the world comparable to Stone Henge right here within the UK, the Pyramid of Kukulkan in South America, Temple of The Solar in Peru, the Nice Pyramid of Giza in Egypt and Chichen Itza in Mexico all have a big interplay with the solar on the Summer time Solstice. Whether or not it’s the flexibility to shine precisely by way of a particularly carved circle, to solid a selected shadow or no shadow in any respect, there was evidently a deeply rooted connection to nature each right here on earth and in an astrological sense when these big stone spectacles have been made. Not simply that, however this craving to dedicate vitality to creating one thing that marks the solar’s path and specific factors alongside it hints that as people we’ve all the time felt the necessity to hook up with and be part of nature each on the bottom and within the sky.

Whether or not you’re venturing to the UK’s Stone Henge this summer season solstice, travelling afar to historic monuments or cultivating your personal house rituals, be impressed by these Summer time Solstice rituals from an array of cultures throughout the globe.


Solar Dancing

In Native American tradition, the solar dance was and nonetheless is a really conventional ritual whereby the group gathers collectively to wish for therapeutic and renewal while trying on the solar. These solar dances have been intense occasions lasting round 4 to eight days with no meals or water, starting at dawn and with every dancer sporting a hoop of sage across the head, wrists and ankles to symbolise purity.


In historic Egypt, the Summer time Solstice welcomed Sirus, the brightest star within the sky. This cut-off date was simply earlier than the flood season, which was very important for nourishing crops throughout the land. For the traditional Egyptians, the Summer time Solstice and the approaching of Sirus have been in reality seen because the Egyptian’s new 12 months’s day, a time of renewal and abundance.

Holy Baking

The traditional Roman Vestalia, honouring goddess Vesta who, together with the goddess Juno, protected marriages and was thought-about sacred to girls. This ritual was about honouring the essence of purity and virginity by making choices to the Vestil Virgins – a little bit like a gathering of nuns right now. A sacred flame was guarded all through the ceremonies of choices, one in all which was a cake made with water from a holy spring, sacred salt and ritually ready brine. Right now, a contemporary Vestilia ritual includes baking a cake and cleansing and adorning the house. That is additionally a time of cleaning and of honouring girls and household.

Yin & Yang

The Chinese language Summer time Solstice honours the Earth, femininity and yin vitality. As will be seen within the yin / yang image, reverse energies work harmoniously collectively and are important for sustaining nature’s steadiness. When the fiery yang vitality of the Summer time due to this fact reaches its peak on the solstice, the calm and cooling vitality of yin is honoured and welcomed in. To mark the Summer time Solstice, girls gave one another colored followers to chill them down, and candy smelling sachets as a nice perfume. All through elements of Shandong and Beijing, chilled noodles are served as the standard meals thought the Summer time Solstice time.

Fertility & Fulfilment

Pagans have a good time the Summer time Solstice – additionally identified to them as Litha – by honouring fertility, and honouring achievements, pleasure and fulfilment. Rituals embrace staying up all night time with a roaring bonfire to await the morning dawn, dancing across the fireplace and utilizing sacred herbs to bless crops and animals. Though mostly related to Yuletide, mistletoe is regarded as on the peak of its energy throughout midsummer, so together with herbs, flowers and honey they’re gathered while they’re on the peak of goodness. Very like the Roman custom, the Pagans would historically bake on the Summer time Solstice to symbolise a welcoming of abundance into the house. Conventional elements at their peak right now of 12 months for cooking and gathering additionally embrace elderflower, buttermilk, rosemary, fennel, sage and thyme.


Right now we might spend much less time outdoors than we did 1000’s of years in the past, however our inherent and pure human instincts to hook up with the solar are nonetheless properly and really there. Whether or not you’re planning an all-night, bonfire-lit celebration with dawn dancing, or a peaceable day spent honouring mom earth with flowers, contemporary air and aromatic herbs, let this Summer time Solstice be a time of renewal and abundance in each sense, and create a ritual significant to you.



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