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Sitkari Pranayama (Hissing Breath): Steps, Advantages & Precautions

sitkari pranayama

Our thoughts and physique typically get confused by the recent summer time warmth, which develops a way of tiredness in us. Throughout these lengthy hours of summer time warmth, yogic respiration methods can soothe our physique and thoughts.

Among the many 8 classical pranayamas described in Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Sitkari is especially efficient in cooling down the physique and constructing vitality. Not like Sitali respiration, Sitkari includes sucking air by the gaps within the enamel with no need to roll the tongue.

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Which means of Sitkari

The time period “Sitkari” is used within the Sanskrit language for ‘Hissing’ sound. In sitakari pranayama, when air is sucking in by hole current within the enamel, a ‘hiss’ sound is produced. The produced hissing sound is identical as snakes make after they launch their stress and frustration.

Therefore, sitakari pranayama additionally referred to as hissing breath which let Prana or ‘life pressure’ to chill down & thus launch extreme anger and frustration out of the physique.

To follow sitkari pranayama, sit comfortably on the ground in any meditative pose with head, neck, and again aligned. Gently press your higher and decrease enamel collectively and begin inhaling by enamel gaps and exhaling by the nostril.

Newbies who’re new in yogic respiration follow can undergo following steps to carry out sitkari pranayama.

Tips on how to Do Sitkari Pranayama(Steps)

  • Sit comfortably in a cross-legged pose and align your again physique in a single line. To deepen the respiration impact, you’ll be able to shut your eyes and emulate Gyan Mudra together with your arms.
  • Now, gently press your higher and decrease enamel collectively, and separate your lips comfortably in order that your enamel get uncovered to the air.
  • Curl your tongue upwards in order that decrease a part of tongue touches the higher palate. (In case you aren’t in a position to curl your tongue, simply relaxation your tongue in the back of the enamel)
  • Now breathe-in slowly & deeply by the gaps current within the enamel. Really feel the air is filling up your stomach, adopted by chest & neck portion ultimately. Throughout your breath inhalation, a small hissing sound will likely be made.
  • Now shut your lips (finally mouth) and exhale by your nostril slowly in a managed manner.
  • This completes 1 spherical of Satakari Pranayama.

Apply Word:

For freshmen, the ratio of inhalation vs. exhalation is 1:1 at first interval of follow. If you really feel extra comfy on this respiration, steadily prolong the exhalation 2 instances or 4 instances of inhalation.

The explanation behind prolonged exhalation as examine to inhalation is as a result of exhalation is cleaning a part of respiration because it releases carbon die oxide out (Additionally, It launch emotional, inside bodily locks within the physique).

Additional for knowledgeable practitioners, sitakari will also be emulated with breath retention and bandhas.

Sitkari With Breath Retention (Kumbhaka)

Preliminary steps are similar till inhalation.

  • After inhalation, maintain the breath for a cushty interval inside. It will improve the holding capability of lungs, in addition to cooling breath sensation will likely be transferred to the refined mind cells.
  • Now, exhale the breath fully out for an prolonged time interval.
  • Repeat in the identical method for 20 instances.

Sitkari With BodyLock (Bandhas)

Whereas holding the breath in above-mentioned steps, decrease your chin to the chest and maintain the breath for a cushty interval on this place. It’s referred to as Jalandhar Bandha.

Advantages of Sitkari Pranayama

  • It’s proven in a analysis that sitkari pranayama positively impacts the mind waves to calm down the physique.
  • Cooling impact comes out of hissing breath positively affect on the nervous system and endocrine glands. This optimistic affect releases the emotional and psychological knots current in physique and thoughts.
  • The cooling mechanism of Sitkari pranayama may be very useful for individuals who endure from anxiousness and hypertension.
  • Not solely does it cools down the physique, nevertheless it additionally clears additional warmth out of the system by affecting these elements of the mind that regulate physique temperature.
  • It helps relax the thoughts by supporting psychological composure.
  • Sitkari pranayama eases hyperacidity within the intestinal space.
  • It balances extreme pitta dosha and calms soreness all by the physique.
  • Because the tooth is uncovered within the air whereas inhaling on this pranayama, It’s additionally thought of helpful follow for the good well being of the enamel.
  • Its common follow reduces starvation pangs & quenches thirst.
  • Sitkari pranayama can also be very efficient for inflammatory pores and skin.
  • Those that follow it repeatedly begin wanting youthful and extra enticing on account of it’s respiration train.

Precautions for Sitkari Pranayama

  • As sitkari pranayama cools down the physique temperature, it’s not most popular throughout chilly climate.
  • Ensure that the temperature of your physique and surrounding haven’t a lot distinction as inhaling very chilly breath might have an effect on your lungs.
  • Additionally, holding the pure breath for an prolonged interval (breath retention) might heat it up once more contained in the physique and so the cooling impact could be decreased. Therefore, don’t maintain the breath for a protracted interval in sitkari pranayma.
  • When the encompassing air is just too polluted, keep away from doing sitkari pranayama.

Contraindications of Sitkari Pranayama

Within the following circumstances, sitkari pranayama needs to be prevented.

  • Individuals who endure from cough, chilly, Bronchial asthma and Bronchitis
  • Individuals affected by low blood strain and coronary heart illnesses shouldn’t do it with inside retention
  • Keep away from sitkari who’s affected by continual constipation or gastric drawback.
  • Those that have delicate enamel or hole in enamel ought to keep away from it, as it will possibly increase sensation within the tooth.
  • Sitkari pranayama is an effective various for individuals who can’t roll tongue in sitali pranayama.


In brief, Sitkari Pranayama is a superb yogic respiration train which could be executed anytime, anyplace to chill down your thoughts & physique. It offers aid & leisure from stress. It additionally helps in decreasing your physique’s temperature.

You are able to do it each time you’re free from work- both within the workplace or at house. It’s also possible to do it when you’re within the fitness center or earlier than doing weight coaching workouts at house. Simply be certain that you do it after having a heavy exercise.



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