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Magentic vs. Placebo Dilators: A Double-Blind Examine

| Tara Langdale

Pelvic ache and different associated situations can have an effect on one’s high quality of life. As a lot as 1 in 4 ladies endure from vulvodynia, a situation characterised by vulvar ache lasting for 3 months or longer. Equally, vaginismus is one other situation that impacts a girl’s intercourse life, making it tough for them to have intercourse. To assist ladies overcome these situations, VuVa Dilator Firm designed magnetic vaginal dilators. On this weblog publish, we focus on the scientific trial outcomes for magnetic vaginal dilators from VuVa Dilator Firm and why they’re a game-changer.

1. What are Magnetic Vaginal Dilators?

Magnetic vaginal dilators work on the precept of magnetic remedy and are an revolutionary method to supporting pelvic well being. The VuVa Dilator Firm consists of Neodymium Magnetic remedy of their dilators. The magnetic discipline stimulates the nerves, improves muscle perform, will increase blood move, and offers leisure, making the vaginal therapy more practical.


2. Medical Trial Outcomes

VuVa Medical Trial Chief Investigator – Dr. Michael Swor

Dr. G. Michael Swor is an obstetrician-gynecologist in Sarasota, Florida and is affiliated with a number of hospitals within the space, together with Medical doctors Hospital of Sarasota and Sarasota Memorial Well being Care System. He obtained his medical diploma from College of South Florida Faculty of Medication and has been in follow for 34 years.


VuVa Vaginal Dilators vs. Placebo Dilators: A Double Blind Placebo Examine Outcomes 

  1. Eighty % (80%) of examine topics reported a lower in general ache after utilizing the VuVa™ magnetic vaginal dilators.
  2. Topics utilizing the VuVa™ magnetic vaginal dilators skilled a median thirty % (30%) lower in ache ranges on a standardized tampon check, which is a solution to clinically measure ache related to sexual activity.
  3. The cotton swab check evaluates eleven (11) totally different areas of the vulvar vestibule for ache. Eighty % (80%) of the examine topics reported a lower within the whole variety of areas after utilizing the VuVa™ magnetic vaginal dilators.
  4. Topics utilizing the VuVa™ magnetic vaginal dilators skilled a median twenty eight % (28%) lower in ache ranges utilizing a standardized cotton swab check, which is a non-invasive measure of vaginal ache.

General anxiousness related to vaginal penetration is considerably decreased in all topics.

Topics report feeling extra assured about their sexual well being sooner or later after finishing the examine.

Topics report that VuVa dilator remedy just isn’t a painful therapy.

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3. Advantages of Magnetic Vaginal Dilators

Utilizing magnetic vaginal dilators has many advantages. A number of the advantages embody elevated blood move, lowered stress and discomfort, enhanced nerve perform and improved muscle power and suppleness. Magnetic dilators are additionally simple to make use of and will increase the success charge of pelvic remedy due to their distinctive design and using magnetic remedy. In addition they present a extra snug remedy expertise and might make intercourse extra satisfying, resulting in a greater high quality of life.

4. Use VuVa Magnetic Vaginal Dilators

Utilizing VuVa magnetic vaginal dilators is easy. They’re simple to insert, and the magnetic remedy has no uncomfortable side effects. The dilators should be used each day for about 5-20 minutes initially, steadily working as much as 20-Half-hour because the vagina accommodates the dilator. The perfect time to make use of the VuVa dilators is if you find yourself relaxed and centered on calming respiratory strategies.

5. Are VuVa Magnetic Vaginal Dilators Protected?

VuVa magnetic vaginal dilators are protected to make use of and haven’t any recognized uncomfortable side effects. Magnetic remedy has been safely used for over 100 years in a wide range of medical purposes. Nonetheless, sufferers with pacemakers and different implanted units shouldn’t use magnetic dilators.

The scientific trial outcomes for VuVa Magnetic Vaginal Dilators are promising and present that they’re a viable method to bettering pelvic well being. Utilizing magnetic remedy to enhance muscle perform, improve blood move, and cut back stress and discomfort, magnetic dilators are reworking the world of pelvic remedy. Pelvic ache shouldn’t be a barrier to having fun with intercourse or dwelling your life to the fullest. Give VuVa dilators a try to take management of your pelvic well being.


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