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‘FAT CAUTION’ for Bone Well being: Ayurveda and Trendy views

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa S, B.A.M.S

Medas vis-à-vis fats tissue occupies the midpoint of the seven tissues talked about by Ayurveda. Like different tissues, even fats tissue undergoes pathological enhance and reduce and is topic to be contaminated by the circulating vitiated doshas. It’s an abode of kapha dosha. When in a state of stability it serves necessary physique capabilities, primarily snehana i.e. supplies unctuousness and lubrication to the physique elements and cells.

When fats tissue builds up abnormally within the physique it turns into harmful. It’s a tissue which tends to trigger blocks and clogs within the srotas – channels of the physique. This causes base for a lot of systemic and metabolic problems to crop up.

Accumulation and construct up of dangerous fat past desired proportions would trigger imbalances in all the opposite tissues of the physique, together with the bone tissue. Elevated fats is liable for the harm and problems associated to all different tissues, organs and organ methods.

To know this, we have to perceive the connection between fats and bone tissues from Ayurveda perspective.

Ayurveda has defined the method of formation of tissues from the essence of meals that has undergone digestion within the intestine i.e. ahara rasa. The primary tissue shaped kind ahara rasa is the rasa dhatu i.e. plasma / lymph. Following this, rakta dhatu – blood tissue, mamsa dhatu – muscle tissue, meda dhatu – fats tissue, asthi dhatu – bone tissue, majja dhatu – bone marrow tissue and shukra dhatu – semen tissue is shaped in that chronological order.

On this chronology, we are able to see that the bone tissue is shaped from and after the fats tissue. This consequential formation of tissues depends upon the character and power of every and different dhatu agni – tissue fireplace. This tissue fireplace depends on the power of the hearth which controls them i.e. jathara agni i.e. the primary core-central digestive fireplace.

Coming to the contextual dialogue of meda and asthi dhatus – If medo dhatvagni i.e. tissue fireplace of fats tissue is sweet and balanced, the fats tissue is shaped in balanced proportions. Not solely that, the successive tissue i.e. precursors of bone tissue are additionally shaped in correct and balanced amount. If this hearth is much less, extra of fats tissue is shaped. This isn’t wholesome. This elevated fats causes obstruction of the channels that are liable for the formation of different tissues and result in their depletion. Thus, elevated fats also can trigger depletion of bone tissue.

Equally, if the fat-tissue fireplace is elevated, it causes depletion of fats tissue. This additional results in deficit formation of bone tissue.

Abnormally elevated Medo dhatu and its affect on bone tissue and BMD

As already mentioned, if the fats tissue is shaped correctly and the agni at its degree is working in a state of serene stability, then the bone tissue is shaped to its optimum greatest.

Within the context of ‘medo roga’ i.e. problems brought about attributable to errors in fats metabolism, it’s stated ‘medasavrita margatvat pushyanti anye na dhatavah’. It means to inform that – ‘When the fats builds up within the physique with none management, it causes blocks in all of the channels. This could consequently result in insufficient nourishment of all the opposite tissues of the physique’.

Alternatively, ‘solely fats’ can be nourished from the rasa i.e. the nutritive a part of the essence of digestion. The opposite tissues will finally be disadvantaged of vitamin for the reason that fats tissue takes the lion’s share. This results in insufficient formation of all tissues and extreme formation, much less conversion and considerable storage of fats tissue within the physique. This causes a burden on the opposite physique tissues and causes situations like ‘being chubby’ or weight problems. This predisposes the physique to big selection of illnesses.

Penalties on bone tissue – The implications of those pathological and damaging occasions additionally result in and consists of insufficient formation of bone tissue additionally. Consequentially the BMD values can be disturbed. There’s a fall within the bone mass density. These occasions additionally result in manifestation of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Subsequently, it’s important that there’s a stability between formation and conversion of fats tissue. Subsequently, it’s important for individuals to maintain a examine on their physique weight and BMI.

Latest researches additionally present that weight problems has an impact on bone density and overweight individuals have a decrease bone density in relation to their physique weight and in addition an elevated threat of fractures.

Associated Analysis –

A examine confirmed the affiliation between chubby and weight problems on bone mineral density in 12 to fifteen years previous adolescents in China.

Weight problems – a situation of irregular fats enhance – would possibly show a threat issue for fractures independently of BMD. Thus, adipose tissue could negatively affect bone well being. Extra particularly, visceral adipose tissue could doubtlessly show detrimental.

Lower of physique fats and painful joint problems

Bony joints are stated to be the upadhatus – sub-tissues of fats tissue. Osteoporosis or osteopenia are first manifested within the type of joint pains in majority of the individuals. Ache and weak point in a number of joints are the chief complaints of individuals with these situations. Medical doctors are tempted to diagnose and deal with these situations as one or the opposite sort of arthritis. A ‘BMD’ analysis is usually missed in sufferers having painful joints.

Curiously, sandhi sphutana – cracking ache within the joints is among the signs of ‘meda kshaya’ i.e. pathological discount in fats tissue.

So, lower in fats → results in improper formation of asthi and sandhi (bones and joints) → results in discount in bone mass density → results in osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Research – A ten% weight reduction ends in ~1-2% bone loss at numerous bone websites. There may be larger bone loss (>1%) with weight reduction in normal-weight (lower than ~60kg) in contrast with chubby or overweight people (<1% bone loss) – Nguyen at el. Subsequently, unplanned and extreme weight reduction than is desired and in sync with BMI shouldn’t be desired.

There are evidences that weight reduction by caloric restriction decreases bone mass in chubby and overweight older adults and in addition in nonobese (together with regular weight) youthful adults.

Extreme weight reduction and in overtly skinny or emaciated people, there can be much less BMI and fewer BMD and these persons are susceptible to pathological bone fractures attributable to osteoporosis.

Low BMI will increase fracture threat. That is probably as a result of low BMI is related to low BMD (bone mass density), much less gentle tissue and muscle weak point. Nevertheless, the connection between excessive BMI and fracture threat is complicated.


In keeping with Ayurveda, the fats and bone well being are interrelated. If one is balanced, the opposite tissue too is balanced and is wholesome, normally in a chronological pathway retaining fats and bone in that order. Alternatively, a rise or lower of fats tissue is proven to have unfavorable affect on the bone, bone mass and bone and joint well being.

Decreased bone mineral density, osteopenia, osteoporosis, pathological fractures of bones, bone and joint pains are a number of the bone points confronted in individuals having imbalanced fats metabolism or errors of fats metabolism within the physique.

So, irregular enhance or lower of fats tissue will result in painful bones and joints which could point out want of BMD analysis.

So, one must hold a strict examine on their fats numbers and attempt to deliver it to stability because it ascends or descends the ladder of the graph.

Strict, guided and monitored meals, life-style adjustments, important medicines and therapies, good train and stress free life as really useful and monitored by specialists of involved areas would be the key for balancing fats and bone well being within the physique and in addition to take care of and handle their mutual chemistry in and constructive approach.



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