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Do You Know Tips on how to Retailer Potatoes?

Editor’s Word: This text is a reprint. It was initially revealed April 8, 2017.

To most, it could appear as if storing sure veggies in a cool place, such because the storage, again porch and even the fridge, can be a good suggestion. It’d hold them cooler and assist them last more, proper?

Seems, that is not the way it works with potatoes. When potatoes get chilled, the starch in them turns to sugar they usually turn out to be powerful. They may look OK, however after they’re cooked, they could emit dangerous properties that they would not have, in any other case. They’ll turn out to be not simply barely shrunken and wrinkly, however doubtlessly poisonous.

Here is what occurs: When potatoes are chilled, an enzyme often known as invertase breaks down the sucrose (aka sugar) they include and turns it into fructose and glucose, additionally referred to as dextrose, the primary sugar manufactured by your physique and your chief supply of vitality.1

These two sugars, fructose and glucose, mix with the amino acid asparagine in potatoes and type acrylamide after they’re baked, fried or in any other case heated, in accordance a examine revealed in Danger Evaluation.2

This does not occur with frozen potatoes, nonetheless, as a result of sucrose does not get damaged down by very low temperatures. An article from New Scientist explains:3

“Acrylamide is made by one thing referred to as the Maillard response, which browns cooked meals and provides them their pleasing taste. As sugars and amino acids react collectively, they produce 1000’s of various chemical compounds.

Notably excessive ranges of acrylamide are present in starchy meals, like potatoes and bread, when cooked at temperatures over 120 [degrees] C. The chemical can be current in breakfast cereals, biscuits and low.”

As a matter of reality, acrylamide types when potatoes or different starchy meals are browned to the purpose of charring, or above 250 levels F (120 levels C).4 This may be true with baked, grilled, sautéed or roasted starchy veggies, in addition to with grains and even espresso.

Acrylamide and Tips on how to Keep away from It

In 2002, the world realized by means of the Swedish Nationwide Meals Authority5 that acrylamide is now not thought of a possible genotoxic carcinogen linked to an elevated threat of most cancers, however a confirmed trigger, one thing that many consultants say they suspected all alongside.6

Additional, acrylamide converts in your physique to a different compound often known as glycamide, which research present can bind to your DNA and trigger mutations. Animal research point out that acrylamide does certainly trigger a number of forms of most cancers.7

Nonetheless, this may occasionally not translate persistently or clearly to people, based on Emma Shields, previously from Most cancers Analysis UK, who provides that whereas it could be tough to show the most cancers hyperlink in folks, there is not any assure it does not injury human DNA, as properly. Life-style components could weigh in on this impact, although, Shields mentioned.8

“It is vital to keep in mind that there are various well-established components like smoking, weight problems and alcohol, which all have a big effect on the variety of most cancers instances within the U.Okay.”

Acrylamide will be present in as a lot as 40% of the energy consumed by the common American, the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) says.9 It is also a given that almost all processed meals, as a result of they have been subjected to excessive temperatures, include acrylamide. Potato chips are an ideal instance.

Consuming largely uncooked greens brings you the best well being advantages, however whenever you do topic them and different meals to warmth, achieve this on the lowest potential temperatures, cooking them simply till accomplished, and avoiding frying, baking or broiling every time potential. On the whole, prepare dinner at a decrease temperature every time potential.

You’ll be able to scale back acrylamide formation by soaking uncooked potatoes in water for 15 to half-hour earlier than cooking. And whereas I do not usually suggest consuming potatoes and different starchy meals akin to rice and pasta, chilling them after they’re cooked will flip a portion of them into digestive-resistant starch, which will be useful on your intestine well being. For instance, potato salad could also be one of many more healthy methods to eat potatoes.

The Acrylamide Most cancers Hyperlink

Researchers at Maastricht College within the Netherlands carried out an intensive assessment of 62,573 girls between the ages of 55 and 69. When the info was analyzed, the scientists decided that increased intakes of acrylamide have been linked to the next threat of endometrial and ovarian most cancers, in comparison with decrease intakes.10

George Alexeeff, Ph.D., former deputy director on the Workplace of Environmental Well being Hazard Evaluation for California, mentioned his workplace undoubtedly believes acrylamide is a chemical folks must be involved about, and that if one thing causes most cancers in animals, it could most definitely trigger most cancers in people, too. Based on an interview at Los Angeles Occasions:11

“The Environmental Safety Company considers acrylamide doubtlessly so harmful that it has mounted the secure stage for human consumption at virtually zero, with a most permissible stage in consuming water of 0.5 elements per billion.”

Further research additionally point out that acrylamide in meals may cause most cancers. One famous that receptor-positive breast most cancers threat is elevated when this poisonous compound has been ingested.12

Yams, Candy Potatoes and Dietary Attributes

You might already know that yams and candy potatoes are two totally different greens, and that neither yams nor candy potatoes are potatoes in any respect. The essential variations between yams and candy potatoes are their form, measurement and coloration, however even grocery shops and recipes usually check with them interchangeably.

Candy potatoes belong to the Convolvulaceae or morning glory plant household and have two seed leaves, whereas yams have just one embryonic seed leaf. However they’re each tubers. So, the place did the confusion start?

Candy potatoes grown within the American south have been referred to as nyamis, the African time period for “to eat.” The shortened “yam” remains to be used immediately.13

Not as candy, yams are available in a cumbersome, kind of cylindrical form, with a skinny bark-like pores and skin and dry, starchy flesh. They arrive from the Dioscoreae household of vegetation associated to palms. As a result of they’re native to Africa, and are additionally grown in Asia, they are not widespread within the U.S. aside from in worldwide markets.

Candy potatoes are sweeter and extra moist (though this may range, too). They’re additionally elongated with tapered ends and easy pores and skin in hues various from beige to orange to purple, they usually can develop to a whopping 5 ft in size. The skin pores and skin will be pink, purple or brown, and the flesh anyplace from white to yellow to red-orange.

Candy potatoes, with their yellow-to-orange-hued flesh, include two vital antioxidant enzymes: copper/zinc superoxide dismutase and catalase. The darkish flesh coloration additionally signifies the presence of beta-carotene, one other vital antioxidant, which is transformed by your physique to vitamin A to retinol to assist defend your eyesight.

However the purple candy potato selection accommodates greater than 3 times the antioxidant energy as a consequence of anthocyanins, additionally associated to their pigmentation, which assist combat a number of forms of most cancers, together with abdomen, colon, lung and breast.14 Diet Info notes:15

“Most lately, candy potato proteins have been tried on colorectal most cancers cells, certainly one of our commonest and lethal cancers.

Usually, we simply surgically take away the colon, however that solely works within the early levels since there are sometimes ‘micrometastases’ exterior the colon that may subsequently result in most cancers recurrence and demise …

So, we have been looking for anti-metastatic brokers. Not solely does candy potato protein decelerate the expansion of colon most cancers cells, however it could additionally lower most cancers cell migration and invasion.”

White Potatoes and Purple Potatoes

Each yams and candy potatoes are famous as higher for you than common white potatoes, largely as a result of elevated antioxidants and fiber content material.

However identical to white potatoes, they need to be saved loosely (not in plastic) in a darkish, dry spot at round 50 to 60 levels Fahrenheit, however not chilly and by no means refrigerated. Uncooked candy potatoes do not freeze properly.16

The flavour of any potato, whether or not it is white, purple or candy, will be adversely affected after they’ve been saved in chilly locations.

One motive potatoes have such a status for being unhealthy for you is as a result of so a lot of them are made into extremely unhealthy, greasy fries. The truth is, the common American eats round 29 kilos yearly!17

Of their unprocessed type, white potatoes present vitamins akin to vitamin C, copper, B nutritional vitamins, potassium, manganese, phosphorus and fiber, together with antioxidant phytonutrients. I am not usually a fan of potatoes, particularly if eaten in extra. However they do have some wholesome attributes, particularly in the event that they’re natural and also you eat the peel. Based on vitamin group the George Mateljan Basis:18

“Potatoes additionally include a wide range of phytonutrients which have antioxidant exercise. Amongst these vital health-promoting compounds are carotenoids, flavonoids and caffeic acid, in addition to distinctive tuber storage proteins, akin to patatin, which exhibit exercise in opposition to free radicals.”

If you happen to’re wholesome, consuming white potatoes moderately is OK, however there are more healthy sources of lots of the vitamins potatoes present.
Then there are purple potatoes from the Solonaceae (nightshade) household, additionally excessive in antioxidants, a proven fact that’s hinted in each the pores and skin and flesh coloration. For hundreds of years, the purple in purple potatoes was used as a dye for textiles and even to paint different meals.

Extra Advantages of Consuming Purple Potatoes

Consuming purple potatoes has quite a few well being advantages. A 100-gram serving accommodates 1.54 grams of protein, 3.1 grams of fiber, 337 milligrams of potassium, 30 milligrams of calcium and quite a few different nutritional vitamins and minerals.19 They’re excessive in fiber and are additionally straightforward to digest; plus, they include useful electrolytes and assist forestall low potassium.20 Moreover, they:

Might assist decrease and regulate your blood strain, as a result of impact they’ve on capillaries and blood vessels.21 The potassium content material in them additionally helps on this regard, as increased intakes have been linked to lowered blood strain.22

The analysis additionally revealed that purple potatoes lowered diastolic blood strain (the underside quantity on a blood strain studying) by 4.3% and the systolic studying (the highest quantity) blood strain by 3.5%.

Might assist scale back the danger of blood clots — Thrombosis is likely one of the main causes of demise all through the world, however purple potato consumption might help, due partly to the chlorogenic acid, which can break down blood clots and stop the enzymatic exercise of procoagulant proteins and peptides.

One examine confirmed that chlorogenic acid delayed blood clot growth in mice, which suggests it might be used to deal with blood clots and probably forestall them.23

Comprise over-the-top ranges of antioxidants and phytonutrients — These assist combat illness by reducing irritation, particularly as a result of anthocyanins and their capability to zap free radicals. Conventional medication used these compounds to deal with hypertension (hypertension) and liver dysfunction and assist forestall eye ailments and infections.24

Comprise colon-cleansing fiber — You may say fiber is the final word cleaning system as a result of it’s what helps transfer meals by means of your system and out of your physique. This will forestall constipation and promote regularity, amongst different advantages. Potatoes, each white and purple, include soluble and insoluble fiber, identical to nuts, beans and different greens akin to cauliflower and inexperienced beans.25

Fermenting Greens, Together with Candy and Purple Potatoes

There are many methods to organize each candy potatoes and purple potatoes. The vital factor is to keep away from utilizing unhealthy oils and excessive temperatures within the preparation. That mentioned, you possibly can ferment these veggies as simply as some other to retain optimum nutritional vitamins and minerals, and provides your physique the useful microbes it wants. Fermenting greens additionally provides tremendously to the period of time they are often saved.

Mixing candy potatoes or purple potatoes with different veggies akin to cabbage, beets and celery, helps create a superb base, in addition to taste. Herbs and spices, akin to basil and rosemary, add a deeper taste profile. Fermenting your personal veggies is straightforward and pleasurable, and you will know precisely what’s in them. If you would like to provide fermented candy potatoes a attempt, a tasty fermented veggie recipe follows:


  • 2 medium-sized heads of cabbage
  • 3 1/4 kilos of carrots
  • 1/3 of a pink bell pepper
  • 1 medium-sized candy potato
  • 1/2 bunch of golden beats
  • Half of a Granny Smith apple
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • 1/2 bunch of cilantro
  • 4 inches of ginger root, grates
  • 1 head of garlic, grated
  • Starter tradition, akin to Kinetic Tradition
  • Himalayan salt or celery juice


  1. Chop or shred your veggies.
  2. Add 1 1/2 Tbsp. of Himalayan salt to a quart of filtered or distilled water (an equal quantity of celery juice can be utilized rather than the salt/water combination) and one pre-measured packet of Kinetic Tradition for each quart of veggies.
  3. Pack the veggies right into a wide-mouth canning jar, urgent all the way down to remove air pockets.
  4. High with a cabbage leaf, tucked down excessive to ensure the veggies are fully immersed.
  5. Cap loosely (do not tighten down too arduous) to permit gases to be launched, then hold the jar in a heat place at 68 to 75 levels Fahrenheit for twenty-four to 96 hours.


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