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Coconut oil as an adjunct oral remedy

Oil can be utilized as an adjunct remedy for most cancers sufferers experiencing mucositis or irritation. Utilizing oil can defend ulcerations from bacterial translocation and velocity up wound therapeutic. Coconut oil is a reasonable possibility with minimal unwanted effects for most cancers sufferers experiencing xerostomia.4 The oil types a coating within the oral mucosa and acts as a barrier.

Some evidence-based articles present that utilizing coconut oil reduces the severity and ache of mucositis.5,6,7 Usually, sufferers experiencing these signs are unable to deal with chemical oral rinses. Coconut oil acts as a short lived aid. It’s important to weigh the professionals and cons of utilizing coconut oil because it can’t be utilized by anybody with a coconut allergy, can’t be utilized by anybody on oxygen, and shouldn’t be utilized by sufferers with dysphagia.

In our evaluation of the literature, the success of the oil pulling methodology relies on the affected person’s capability to carry the oil of their mouth for a chronic interval, often quarter-hour or extra. This generally is a limiting issue. Coconut oil could also be a viable supplementary therapy possibility for sufferers with power ailments who’ve problem with self-care and who’re in search of preventive remedy.

The effectiveness of therapy is determined by the kind of oil used. Solidified virgin coconut oil stays strong at room temperature and has undergone much less processing, which preserves most of its fatty acids. Fractionated oil, alternatively, is a liquid type of coconut oil the place the several types of fats are separated. That is often combined with different substances and has an extended shelf life.

Most oil-pulling merchandise available on the market are made utilizing fractionated oil. Folks typically choose fractionated coconut oil because it’s extra handy to make use of and has a extra nice style. Nevertheless, virgin oil retains extra of its unique properties as it’s much less processed than fractionated oil. Each oils are efficient, however virgin oil is much less processed and retains extra of its unique properties.

What we concluded

We warning future dental hygienists to watch out when speaking to sufferers about oil pulling and utilizing coconut oil as an adjunct remedy. Conduct a wants evaluation to grasp some great benefits of oil pulling as a complement to conventional oral hygiene remedies. Additional research are crucial to acquire proof that helps a standardized oil-pulling therapy routine. Be open to what sufferers use exterior of their regular oral residence care routine, and use evidence-based knowledge to assist the data you share with them about oil pulling.


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Rose Nguyen BSDH(c), and Lisa Ng BSDH(c), are dental hygiene college students at Pacific College College of Dental Hygiene Research.



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